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IP 900

The IP Server 900 is a high-performance IP phone system that unites the communication and productivity needs of end users in small-to-medium organizations with one or more sites. The system’s expandable design integrates built-in capabilities, advanced features, and highly differentiated applications into a product that’s as easily used and managed as it is flexible. –

  • Ruder Technologies will customize your IP Server 900 to fit the needs of your business, whether you have a small office or hundreds of employees, building on this powerful foundation:
  •  High-performance business phone system Network-based VoIP telephony
  •  Enhanced Caller ID
  •  Voice mail
  •  Automated attendant with six levels and 100 branches
  •  Messages-on-hold
  •  Intelligent Call Forwarding™
  •  Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  •  Optional Windows®-based VIP 7 family of communication management tools
  •  Optional ESI Presence Management
  •  Optional ESI Media Management2
  •  Support for IP stations (including SIP), digital stations, and analog stations


IP 900

T1/PRI support

Despite its long list of features, the IP Server 900 — thanks to famous ESI ease-of-use — is a truly user-friendly phone system. It says, “Good morning.” It teaches you how to use and program it. It reminds you to change your personal greeting after a trip. And it stands by, ready to assist you whenever you need help. There are several different models of ESI desktop phones. Each is a compact, attractive addition to any desk, designed to simplify your telecommunications. Here are just two examples: The display is large and easy to read; that's even more true for the backlit display you’ll find on most models. The dedicated function keys (so you don’t have to memorize codes) give you more ease of use, even with the IP Server 900’s enhanced capabilities. - See more at: http://www.esi-estech.com/systems/intro/system_details?id=66#sthash.KwvtDb8B.dpuf


ESI 100

ESI 100IP Stations 72
Digital Stations 48
Analog Stations 28
Call-processing prots 108
Central Office (CO) lines 42
Digital line cards (T1/PRI) 1
Voice mail ports 8
-Voice storage Up to 140 hours
-Station/special-purpose mailboxes 1,121
Conference ports 16
Shared-office auto attendants 2

ESI 200

ESI 200Total stations: 192
IP Stations: 192
Digital Stations: 168
Analog Stations: 56
Call-processsing ports: 300
Central Office (CO) lines: 84
Digital line cards (T1/PRI)1: 3
Voice mail ports: Up to 24
-Voice storage (hours): Up to 600
-Station/special-purposes mailboxes: 1,229
Conference ports (16 members/conference): 24
Shared-office tenanting (tenants): 4
ESI Bluetooth® Voice Integration: Optional
ESI Presence Management: Optional
VIP applications: Optional
Mirrored Memory Module (M3) backup: Optional


Analog Phones are So Last Century

Enhance your legacy PBX or new phone system with the latest in VoIP technology with ESI Hosted Services SIP Trunking. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking converges your existing telephone infrastructure onto your data network for high quality voice communications. By removing all or just a few of your expensive analog phone lines, your business will experience immediate cost savings of up to 50% in most cases.

Value Proposition:

  • Lowered cost by eliminating the phone company’s analog lines & feature plans
  • Lowered cost for outbound long distance calling
  • Easy expansion into hybrid PBX & hosted IP PBX services
  • Fast deployment within four business days compared to 30 days by the phone company
  • Dependable, high quality & consistent service

Simply put, SIP Trunking combines voice and data traffic onto a single network, enabling customers to get more life and improve their legacy analog systems, while providing productivity-enhancing features and services that pave the way for the next generation of technology.

SIP Trunking works with existing PBX systems:

  • All of the PBX system features are retained.
  • Phone system operation remains EXACTLY the same as today
  • No retraining of employees on the calling features or system functionality.
  • No need to invest in costly TDM gateway equipment.
  • No equipment changeover or disruption to services.

SIP Trunking provides measurable business benefits with streamlined, cost-effective telephone service, linking your system with another by riding your dedicated Internet connection. Now you can connect to significant savings on long-distance, international calls, exceptional quality and seamless reliability—your link to telecommunications innovation.

We offer two types of SIP Trunking integration:

  • SIP Trunking — Legacy PBX Integration (see diagram 1)
  • SIP Trunking — IP PBX Integration (see diagram 2).




All IP configured systems are SIP compatible.


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