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HostedESI Hosted Service’s audio conferecing solution is a business-grade conference. It’s a powerful solution that can enhance productivity and connect multiple offices, around the country, or across the globe.

The audio conference portal gives you advanced control. You can see who joins and leaves the conference; mute, disconnect, or add attendees by a simple click; ring all the attendees so that they don’t even have to call in; save conference groups for recurring meetings; select a local or toll-free number; and change your pin as needed for premium security.

  • Save up to 65% over most audio conferencing solutions
  • Reservationless and On-Demand audio conference service
  • Online visibility of attendees for conference moderator
  • FREE audio conferencing portal application
  • One-source billing when utilizing other Vintalk services
  • No setup fees, monthly fees or prepayment required
  • Choose toll free or local dedicated audio conference numbers

Disaster Recovery

To your business, a disaster doesn’t have to be a tornado, a hurricane, or a flood. A blackout or brownout, or even simple equipment failure can bring your business to a standstill if not properly protected. Worse, it can cause lasting harm to your brand and to customer loyalty. That’s why every business should build a disaster recovery plan – everything from backing up your data to co-locating your servers. If a disaster does strike, you’ve made every contingency to prevent your customers from being affected. Does that plan include your phone system? That’s why we offer automated PBX failover to a fully-hosted virtual phone system.

How Does It Work?

ResellerWhen your PBX goes down during a disaster, your carrier will get a response of either “Ring No Answer” or “All Trunks Busy” when trying to send you calls. Both errors mean that your customers and associates can’t reach you and that you’re losing money with every passing second.

With ESI Hosted Services Disaster Recovery you can tell your carrier to automatically failover in these situations to a fully-hosted virtual PBX. This equipment-free phone service is designed to mimic the recordings and extensions of your normal PBX so that your customers won’t know that your PBX is down.

Forwarded calls are sent to emergency numbers (e.g. cell phones) and voicemail messages are automatically delivered to you and your employees by email. As a hosted solution, this service is impervious to disasters in your local area and will continue to route calls and take messages until your PBX comes back online

Hosted PBX

Hosted IP PBX business phone service from ESI Hosted Services offers the latest in communication technologies without the hassle of installing and maintaining an entire phone system onsite. Our services include:

  • Hosted data centers nationwide with redundant servers
  • Power and internet access to ensure 99.9% guaranteed performance uptime. This cost efficiency provides the assurance that you won’t suffer from phone system obsolescence.
  • “Future-proof” architecture that means that as telecommunications’ technology advances, your business phone capabilities grow with it, without requiring expensive new hardware and software upgrades.

The Value Proposition

  • Significant reduction of initial startup costs versus PBX phone systems
  • Expansive calling plan to 50+ countries world-wide at no additional cost
  • Unified Communications technologies for better business practices
  • Future-proof architecture eliminating expensive upgrades
  • Moves, adds and changes to the system are FREE
  • Scalability for easy system growth or reduction
  • Billing consolidation of internet circuit, phone system, conferencing & faxing

Standard Features & Functionality

  • HD calling between all ESI Hosted Services phones
  • Unified Communications
  • Fax to Email
  • Voice Mail to Email / Smart Phones
  • Customizable Automated Attendants
  • Calling to 50+ Countries
  • Advanced User Portal Access
  • Click to Call Technologies
  • Virtual Voice Mail Boxes
  • Reminder Notifications
  • Real Time Call History
  • Company Directories
  • Office to Office Extension Dialing
  • Paging
  • Call Park
  • Call Forwarding
  • “Find Me/Follow Me”

Business communications services from ESI Hosted Services truly serve the needs of my small business with all the enhanced features and functionality it offers. My sales professionals are now better connected to our customers and the quality of service has been remarkable. Most importantly, my recent office move was so simple to just order a new internet circuit and plug in our phones at the new location. That alone saved us $3,000 if we had to move our old phone system and our auto attendant still answered our incoming calls! ESI Hosted Services is just a great technology!

SIP Trunks

Analog Phones are So Last Century

Enhance your legacy PBX or new phone system with the latest in VoIP technology with ESI Hosted Services SIP Trunking. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking converges your existing telephone infrastructure onto your data network for high quality voice communications. By removing all or just a few of your expensive analog phone lines, your business will experience immediate cost savings of up to 50% in most cases.

Value Proposition:

  • Lowered cost by eliminating the phone company’s analog lines & feature plans
  • Lowered cost for outbound long distance calling
  • Easy expansion into hybrid PBX & hosted IP PBX services
  • Fast deployment within four business days compared to 30 days by the phone company
  • Dependable, high quality & consistent service

Simply put, SIP Trunking combines voice and data traffic onto a single network, enabling customers to get more life and improve their legacy analog systems, while providing productivity-enhancing features and services that pave the way for the next generation of technology.

SIP Trunking works with existing PBX systems:

  • All of the PBX system features are retained.
  • Phone system operation remains EXACTLY the same as today
  • No retraining of employees on the calling features or system functionality.
  • No need to invest in costly TDM gateway equipment.
  • No equipment changeover or disruption to services.

SIP Trunking provides measurable business benefits with streamlined, cost-effective telephone service, linking your system with another by riding your dedicated Internet connection. Now you can connect to significant savings on long-distance, international calls, exceptional quality and seamless reliability—your link to telecommunications innovation.

We offer two types of SIP Trunking integration:

  • SIP Trunking — Legacy PBX Integration (see diagram 1)
  • SIP Trunking — IP PBX Integration (see diagram 2).

Hosted PBX

Hosted 4


Increase productivity without leaving your desk

An integral part of unified communications is integrating a flexible internet faxing solution. Not all faxing solutions are the same. Some services require proprietary software to view the fax and others simply do not consistently perform using VoIP when sending more than 20 to 50 page documents. With a fax solution from ESI Hosted Services, you are assured your business faxing needs are the most cost effective and compliant.

ESI Hosted Services Fax offers two distinct solutions for our business customers.

Fax through sips


For those of you who aren’t ready to let your fax machine go—this solution is for you. Connect your fax machine with the IP world just by plugging it in to the SF 7000 device. This is true fax-to-fax functionality. Simply drop in your fax, dial the number and press send. No computer required. Virtual options available.


Fax in seconds without ever leaving your desk. You can receive faxes in your email inbox and send faxes as email attachments. It’s simple, private and secure, inexpensive and good for the environment.

Fax through Sips


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